The Talent is There, but They Aren’t Buying

Webber Kerr Associates

Talent not buying

In follow-up to the WK blog post, Hiring in No Man’s Land, discussing the strategy behind moving out-of-market talent and mobility… I have seen the flip side of this coin more often than I should probably admit in my search career. What happens when you are hiring a leader in a market filled with viable options right in your backyard, but they aren’t buying what you’re selling? The glaring disconnect must be addressed. Is it your front-line recruiting strategy? Is your competition’s voice booming over your own?

I recently conducted an introductory call for a potential client partner who was struggling to attract candidates for a mid-level role in a very lush market. They were identifying the talent, but losing them along the process. The company, very niche, but large enough in size to be known within their business community made inquiry to our team to consult on where…

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