SmartBlog on Social Media – What to expect in 2014: Adapting to Facebook’s Edgerank changes

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By James Scherer

February 12, 2014

Are you caught up with the most recent online marketing changes, updates and theories? Wishpond’s James Scherer, in this four-part series, will examine the most influential changes that have happened in the past six months, and how those changes affect you and your business on a daily basis.

This week, Scherer will discuss what Facebook’s Edgerank changes means for marketers. In Part 1, Scherer looked at the rise of social media optimization. Part 2 covered Content Shock — what it is and why it matters.

You may have noticed that your business’ organic reach on Facebook has declined recently. This is primarily due to an update to the Edgerank algorithm (the bit of immensely complex code that determines how many people see your posts).

What they’ve done is devalued text updates from brand pages (this happened on Jan. 21, so don’t worry…

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