I Enjoy Being the Bearer of Bad News – You Should Too.

Minnesota nice?!

Webber Kerr Associates


There are eye-opening moments in our careers, where we get a first glimpse of what’s to come down the road. We are faced with tough decisions and essentially define ourselves by our actions that follow.   I will never forget in my early career, a scenario that did not go as planned. What appeared to be doomsday initially, was actually an opportunity to make lemonade.

As an executive recruiter, I was representing and leading a search for a large private equity firm. After courting a top executive candidate, persistence paid off.  This individual became the #1 prospect on our short list. What neither of us saw coming was a drastic update, call it a 180 in the process. I was informed that a last minute decision was made by the hiring committee to proceed with an offer to candidate #2 on our list. Now what? This individual had trusted me…

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