Content-as-an-Ad: Re-thinking Content Marketing by Dinesh Rao, Intel Corporation

Papershare Wonderful insight. I feel this strategy reiterates the importance of focusing efforts on developing valuable content that can be repackaged in order to maximize efficiency. Papershare serves as a conduit for providing qualitative and quantitative analytics to support this. This strategy resonates with the approach our team at Dale Carnegie Minnesota has taken with regards to our latest research studies focused on surfacing organizational-related trends. The intent of these studies are to reinforce thought leadership and build awareness in our latest employee engagement and leadership development research projects. Papershare enables our firm to further our understanding of trends that interest our target personas with real-time analytics in addition to incremental opportunities to engage audiences through the suggested content feature. Publishing a piece of the research project that’s open access and using Papershares customizable call to action to download the full research with social login has been proven to be a successful methodology.


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