Turning Webinars into Real-Time Content & Market Intel


Beyond PR

Every content marketer has their favorite go-to tactics, and almost all will share one in common – deriving content from content.   In my hands, a simple blog post can spawn a press release, a slide deck and a host of tweets, posts, shares and updates.  However, I’ve got nothing on Bo Bandy, Readytalk’s manager of marketing communications.   I joined her on a webinar titled Maximizing the Impact of Webinars as a Lead Gen Channel  last week, and I think I learned as much as any of the attendees.

According to Bandy, a simple webinar can be the basis for as many as 19 subsequent pieces of content.


I’ll admit that I goggled a bit when I saw that number, and I wondered if she was spreading things a bit thin.  It turns out she wasn’t.  She has some great ideas for capturing and atomizing the content a…

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