The Mother of All Content



Christopher Baldock the Online Marketer

Content marketing, who knew? Granted, its always been about content but with the ever changing metrics of search engines, providing useful, up-to-date, and pertinent online content is now king.  Think of it from Google’s side. If you had to provide your customers with the best results possible what would your SERPs look like? Google needs companies to create content that speaks to their customers so they can provide the best results and have their customers return the next time they need to search. Using keywords, links, and SEO with your content, gives your content the  best opportunity to show up in front of the person who is looking for your product or service.

I’ve now found the mother of all content, the most dynamic piece of information I’ve seen to date. This piece of content is so dynamic that I almost lost the purpose of the story. Put together by the

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