Is a Marketing Automation Platform Essential for Effective Content Marketing?


Content Marketing for Industry

Yes, you need to have a marketing automation system in place in order to leverage content into opportunities and closed sales.

Content Marketing is all the rage lately. If you’re a CEO or CMO, you might be haranguing your people to create a white paper or “do a webinar” just because

that’s what the buzz is lately on the C-suite golf course. It’s a rare web site in this modern marketing age that does not have some content posted. It’s fairly easy to create a paper or an application note or even a webinar. But it’s harder to turn your content into sales.

Let’s look at the automobile as a metaphor:

  • Marketing automation is the engine that turns your content into sales.
  • Content is the fuel that powers the engine.
  • The automobile in gear represents growth.

A common foible in content marketing is to develop a great piece and post…

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