Re-thinking the Employee Engagement Survey in the modern world


A great example of how organizations can leverage social media.


ipa-logoSome have predicted that the age of social media will lead to the death of the employee engagement survey.

In this article, Hugh Tonks of Thymometrics argues that far from disappearing, new technology will lead to a rebirth of the engagement survey as a year-round, real-time and ‘always on’ tool that will give employees more scope to engage and express their views.

 The rise of Self-Service HR applications is well documented, and is generally seen as highly desirable, but why stop at implementing basic self-service for administering personal details? The same idea, in combination with today’s technology, is capable of delivering remarkable new benefits additional to those already enjoyed by organisations which already run a traditional annual questionnaire – but a subtle shift in viewpoint is required first.

Suppose HR sent a form out every year asking for everybody’s current address, status and bank details. There are several reasons…

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