I Need to Change My Life

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People:  “If You Want to Gather Honey, Don’t Kick Over the Beehive”

“People don’t criticize themselves for anything, no matter how wrong it may be.” I certainly do not like to criticize my own actions, though I am increasingly becoming aware that it is my actions that have determined how people treat me, how they dislike me and how my life is turning out.  It is hard, though, to look at what you have done and say that it is wrong, as it is easy to believe that what you do in your own life is correct and that what is wrong are others’ interpretations.  I need to learn to look at myself critically (not criticizing, but critiquing) and objectively seek fault, regardless of where it actually lies… and that will usually be with myself.  It does not hurt me at all to make myself better…

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